Preventative Dentistry Galloway, OH

Focusing on Prevention 

teeth cleaning Galloway, OHLet’s face it, even though we work extremely hard to make our office friendly and inviting, we know that no one really enjoys having to get work done on their teeth. That’s why we find it so important to try to help our patients prevent dental problems before they start. When found early, most dental conditions are more easily treated, and those less-involved treatments cost less. In many ways, taking care of your mouth is like keeping up with home or auto repairs—a little bit of regular maintenance goes a long way!

Regular Visits Prevent Small Issues from Becoming Big Ones

The cornerstone of our preventive program is the checkup visit, where we clean your teeth and do a detailed exam with any necessary x-rays. We’re looking for a lot more than just cavities these days! We assess how well you’re cleaning your teeth at home and point out any areas you may be missing. We’re also looking at brushing habits that may lead to issues like gum recession. If you do have issues with tooth decay, we’ll help to identify where they’re coming from. More importantly, we’ll develop a plan to help you prevent them from coming back.

We look carefully at any fillings, crowns, or other dental work you have in your mouth to make sure it is holding up well. We point out any of the other conditions that can lead to chipped or broken teeth such as tooth grinding, acid erosion from gastric reflux, and side effects from other medical conditions or medications.

We keep a close eye on the health of your gums, and we also complete a whole-mouth oral cancer screening, being sure to look at all the hard-to-reach spots that are difficult to see at home. If you have specific concerns like TMJ pain, sleep apnea or tooth sensitivity, we’ll investigate what’s going on and answer your questions the very same day when possible.

preventative dentistry Galloway, OHWhat Preventive Services Do You Offer?

For our patients that are cavity-prone, things like sealants and fluoride treatments might help give you the edge you need to keep them from forming again. We can also help identify issues in your diet or medical history that are raising your risk (many times, it’s not the obvious stuff like candy and soda).

If you’re a tooth grinder, then a simple night guard can prevent thousands of dollars and several hours in the dental chair spent repairing chipped and broken teeth. Similarly, if you find the average athletic mouth guard to be bulky and hard to wear then we can make a custom fit one that’s often more comfortable.

What If I Have a Lot of Issues?

If that’s the case, we’ll help you to get a grip on them one problem at a time. We’re a “no-guilt” office, where we’ll take you as you are and help you to get better. Please call today to set up an appointment and see how we can put you on the path to a lifetime of dental health.