Dental Implants Galloway, OH

One of the Best Solutions for Missing Teeth

About 55 percent of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and more than 10 percent do not have any teeth. Depending on the tooth, missing one can range from a minor inconveniencemodel of lower jaw with dental implant I dental implants in galloway oh to a major obstacle to eating and smiling.

For many people, missing one or more teeth can result in problems such as:

  • Difficulty chewing the foods you love
  • Loss of confidence in social situations
  • Movement and tipping of the remaining teeth
  • Further tooth loss

For those people missing all their teeth, the situation is much worse. While dentures are a great alternative to not having anything to smile and chew with, they’re often a pretty lousy replacement for natural teeth. For every denture wearer who is happy with their dentures, there are likely ten times as many who struggle and report a lower quality of life as a result. Even well-made dentures can slip and rock uncontrollably, require large amounts of messy denture adhesive and feel unnatural when chewing crunchy foods.

older couple smiling brightly and hugging I galloway smilesDental Implants Are Often the Answer

While we have more tooth-saving technology than ever before, sometimes there are teeth that just can’t be saved. When this happens, dental implants are often an excellent option. A replacement root is carefully inserted where your missing tooth or teeth used to be and after a few months, this titanium root can be anchored to a natural-looking replacement. For denture wearers, multiple implants are used and connected to a full set of teeth. This is done either in a way that the teeth can be removed for easy cleaning or they can be firmly attached so that they stay in 24/7.

Where Do I Start?

During your consultation at Galloway Smiles, we do a detailed examination to determine all your options, often using 3-D technology to minimize any surprises in cost or time in the dental chair. There are usually several options depending on your goals and budget, and your treatment can often be staged out over time to lower your upfront investment in your new teeth. When possible, we complete the entire process in our office. If your situation is complex, however, there are several excellent specialists in town that we can work within a team approach to get a great result.

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

We love talking with our patients about their tooth replacement options. If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants, then call our office and we’ll be happy to tell you all you ever wanted to know (and probably a little more!).