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I Lost a Filling. How Do I Know if it’s an Emergency?

Teeth can chip or break and fillings can be lost without much warning. Most often, people will notice something crunchy in their food, and if they’re lucky they catch it before it goes tooth next to emergency dental kit“down the hatch”. While many times prompt treatment can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth, other times you may be able to address it when it’s convenient for you. 

Signs of a Dental Emergency

Certainly, any significant pain or swelling should be considered an emergency. Likewise, if a large filling has been lost in a front tooth, you’ll probably be interested in being seen quickly. If the lost filing is in a back tooth and is not very bothersome, you may choose to wait. Very mild discomfort with hot or cold foods might happen right after the filling is lost, but if the break is not too serious then this usually goes away quickly. More commonly, the sharp edges of tooth left from where the filling was lost can irritate your tongue or cheek. This can get pretty annoying after a few days but improves very quickly once we smooth down the sharp spots.

Be Seen Immediately

If you lose a filling or chip a tooth, call our Galloway office 24/7 to either leave a message for our staff or to contact Dr. Halderman directly for guidance on what the next steps should be to get you feeling better.



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