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When do you recommend sedation dentistry?

Typically, in our Galloway, OH dental office, we offer sedation dentistry to patients who request a method to help them relax. In some cases, this is to address anxiety around woman getting teeth whitened while wearing protective goggles dentistry and dental treatment; in other cases, sedation dentistry might benefit patients who have other challenges when it comes to sitting still or having work done in their mouths.

Reasons To Choose Sedation Dentistry

Mental and physical limitations – For some people, sitting still can be uncomfortable or even impossible. Sedation dentistry can help many individuals stay in the chair longer so that treatments like deep dental cleanings or crowns can be completed.

Complex treatment plans – Full mouth cases, veneers, and multiple crowns can mean extensive time in the dental chair. Sedation dentistry will make your appointment seem like a breeze. You will have a very limited sense of time, and your appointment will feel dreamy and comfortable.

Over-active gag reflex – If you have a strong gag reflex, even having a dental cleaning can be uncomfortable. Gagging throughout your appointment will slow it down and is extremely challenging. Sedation dentistry will calm your automatic response to gagging and allow you to be relaxed throughout your visit.

For more information about sedation dentistry, contact our Galloway, OH dental office to arrange a consultation.

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