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Should I replace my old silver fillings?

Even though the days of using metal for fillings have long past, many of us still have silver amalgam fillings in our teeth. If your restorations are still serving you and you're comfortable with them, it's completely fine to keep them. However, other patients don't like the look of silver metal in their teeth when they talk or smile, so it's also fine to replace your silver fillings with tooth-colored composite resin restorations

Do Fillings Need To Be Replaced?

Due to the nature of metal expanding and contracting with temperature changes in the mouth, amalgam fillings often do break down over time. Expanding and contracting can cause your metal fillings to pull away from your teeth, which allows for leakage and lets harmful bacteria into your tooth that can cause decay and damage. If this is the case for your teeth, Dr. Halderman will recommend that you replace your old fillings with new composite tooth fillings.

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If you're worried about the health of your current dental fillings, you can schedule an evaluation with Dr. Halderman to determine whether or not they need to be replaced. He's happy to discuss the benefits of composite dental fillings in Galloway with you so you can choose the best type of restoration for your smile.

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