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Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed; some patients have wisdom teeth that can fit in their mouth and don’t require removal. However, because these teeth are hard to clean, they must still be monitored for tooth disease. Some people never even develop wisdom teeth. For the rest of us, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to prevent future oral complications. 

Wisdom tooth removal is a dental procedure that surgically extracts one or more wisdom tooth—the four permanent teeth located in the back corners of the mouth on the top and bottom. If a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to grow in, you may experience pain, infection, and other problems. Sometimes your Galloway, OH dentist will recommend getting the procedure even if your wisdom tooth isn’t causing immediate problems.

Why You Might Need A Dental Extraction

Many factors go into the decision for wisdom tooth extraction, including some of the following:

  • Impaction: If there is overcrowding or not enough room for your wisdom tooth to grow out comfortably, they can become impacted, making them come in at an angle. Many patients experience pain and discomfort through this, and eating can be difficult.
  • Disease: If the space between the molars is very narrow, bacteria can quickly form and put you at risk for inflammation, gum disease, or cysts. 
  • Tooth problems: Wisdom teeth can push against the surrounding teeth and potentially damage them, which can lead to tooth decay. Patients who are in the process of straightening their teeth with braces might experience complications when wisdom teeth grow in. 
  • Preventing future dental problems: Even with enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt, they are hard to get to and clean properly. If food particles are trapped between teeth or bacteria settles in, patients can be at risk for gum disease or tooth decay. 

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