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How to Protect Your Child's Precious Smile

October 15, 2019
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The gift of a beautiful, healthy smile is one that your son or daughter will appreciate their entire lifetime. The journey to that fabulous smile begins early when your child's first teeth start to arrive. Building a relationship with your dentist in Grove City, Ohio early on will set your little one up for a beautiful smile in the future. Here are some other tips for protecting your child's precious smile.

Teach Consistent Brushing and Flossing

You should begin brushing your son or daughter's baby teeth as soon as they arrive. Use an infant brush that is small enough to fit in their mouth and has soft bristles. You can also use a toothpaste that is safe for your baby to swallow.

As your child gets older, they can begin brushing on their own with your assistance and supervision around the age of three or four. If your child can spit, you can introduce fluoride toothpaste into their routine. 

Around the ages of seven or eight, they can begin brushing and flossing by themselves if you feel they understand the proper techniques. You may want to continue to check in periodically to see if they're brushing for the full recommended two minutes and effectively removing plaque from their teeth. 

Preventive Care with Their Pediatric Dentist

Did you know that your son or daughter should be visiting their dentist every six months just like you do? Preventive cleanings and checkups are an essential part of pediatric dentistry in Galloway, Ohio. These early visits not only allow your child to begin building rapport and a relationship with their dental team, but it's also essential for their dentist to begin monitoring their oral development.

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