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Do You Make Same Day Appointments?

Absolutely. Whether you are a new patient with an emergency or an existing patient with an urgent issue, we offer same-day appointments to figure out what’s going on. 

Emergency Dental Care in Gallowaywoman holding hands over mouth

Dental emergencies can be as simple as a chipped filling or as concerning as an injury or serious infection. They often happen without warning and can really interrupt your daily routine. We always leave time in our schedule to see emergency patients in our Galloway office. Many times we can offer a solution the same day, but if it’s something that will require a return visit we’ll at least figure out a way to get you more comfortable in the meantime.

Be Seen For Your Dental Emergency

If the emergency happens after hours, you can leave a message to be scheduled the next day—if the issue is more urgent, you can get information on how to contact Dr. Halderman for guidance. Feel free to call us today for help if you or a loved one are having a dental emergency.



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